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Who we are?

Philscurrency is a Scrypt based proof of work implementation of crypto-currency with master-nodes, coin-mixing and instatx, inspired from Litecoin and Dash altered for faster and secure transactions.

We are a team of self-funded young developers working full time on this project. We are very fascinated by the block-chain technology, our vision is to bring out a new digital currency to the existing Crypto-community for faster, secure and self-sustaining block-chain. Philscurrency is the stepping stone of our vision.

We are constantly working towards our goal to create more advancements to Philscurrency to make it stand out among the successful crypto-currencies out there. We wanted to implement a no inflation strategy for PHILS by making PHILS as a token for all our upcoming projects, we offer services in exchange to PHILS.

Philscurrency is now incorporated with master-nodes, instantx and coin mixing technologies, we believe after master-node implementation the network will self sustain as the master-nodes are a great way to govern various plans of action about the network.

We further have plans to incorporate block-chain technology to various projects we are currently working on.

Our final goal is to see that block-chain technology is being utilized to its fullest in every possible existing technology as we have already seen how it has changed the world!

We are not here to pump and dump, we are here to serve the community better!


***Decentralized incentive based workplace and forum for block-chain developers with PHILS as tokens***


  • Name: PhilsCurrency

  • Abbrevation: PHILS

  • Max Money supply: 120,000,000 PHILS (120 million)

  • Algorithm: Scrypt Proof of work

  • Masternode Collateral: 12,000 PHILS

  • Block reward: 120 PHILS per Block 50% for Masternodes

  • Block-time: 60 seconds

  • Target Time span: 10 minutes

  • Confirmations: 6 Blocks

  • Coin maturity : 10 blocks

  • RPC port default: 36002

  • P2P port default: 36003